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Control Board Main - Lennox/Armstrong/Ducane

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Lennox 94W83 Furnace Ignition Control Board Single Stage 

Lennox 94W83 Furnace Ignition Control Board Single Stage 
Replaces 94W8301, 81W11, 81W1101, 103085-03, 103085-02, 103085-01

Works with Lennox Merit Series Furnaces.
Use on these Models 80AF1DF045P12A01, 80AF1UH045P12A01 02, 80AF1UH045P12AL01 0, 80AF1UH070P12A03, 80AF1UH070P12AL01, 92AF1DF045P12B05, 92AF1DF070P12B05, 92AF1DF090P16C05, 92AF1DF110P20C05
92AF1UH045P08B01, 92AF1UH045P12B01 05,, 92AF1UH070P08B01 03 05, 92AF1UH070P12B05, 92AF1UH090P12C02 05
92AF1UH090P16C01 02, 92AF1UH110P16C01, 92AF1UH110P20C01 02,, 95AF1DF045P12B01, 95AF1DF070P12B01 05
95AF1DF090P20C01 05, 95AF1UH045P08B01 05, 95AF1UH070P12B01 05, 95AF1UH090P12C01 05, 95AF1UH090P16C01 05
95AF1UH110P20C01 03 05, ML180DF090XP48B01, ML180DF110XP60C01, ML180UH045P36A03, ML180UH045XP36A03
ML180UH070P24A02 03,, ML180UH070P36A02 03, ML180UH090P36B03, ML180UH090P48B02, ML180UH110P48C53
ML180UH110P60C53, ML180UH110XP60C03 53,, ML180UH135P60D02, ML193DF045XP36B07, ML193DF070XP36B07
ML193DF090XP48C04 07, ML193DF110XP60C04 07, ML193UH045XP24B07 57, ML193UH045XP36B04, ML193UH070XP24B04
ML193UH090XP48C05,, ML195DF045XP36B06, ML195DF070XP36B06, ML195DF110XP60C06, ML195UH045XP24B03
ML195UH110XP48C06, ML195UH110XP60C04 06

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ManufacturerAllied Air Enterprises
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