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Motor 1/2HP Direct Drive 5.5" Dia. 3 Speed 1075RPM 115V (GE)

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Motor 1/2 HP 115v 1075 RPM 3-Spd (GE)

   Product Specifications

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Motor 1/2 HP 115v 1075 RPM 3-Spd (GE)
Replaces A.O. Smith DL1056, Diversitech WG840587, Emerson 1865, Fasco D701, Embraco E205, GE 3587, Marathon X004,
Universal Electric 531, Rotom R43587.

Product Specifications

  Ambient Temperature (C): 40
  Amperage: 7.5
  Bearing: Sleeve
  Body Diameter (Inches): 5.5
  Body Length (Inches): 5.48
  Capacitor: 10MFD 370V
  Capacitor Included: N
  Enclosure: Open
  Frame: 48Y
  Frequency: 60Hz
  HP: 1/2
  Insulation Class: B
  Motor Type: Permanent Split Capacitor
  Mounting Type: Stud, strap & base, Resilient rings
  Rotation: Reversible
  RPM: 1075
  Shaft Dimensions (in): 1/2 x 4.0
  Speeds: 3
  Thermal Protection: Y
  Volts (V): 115
  Wiring: 60" Leads
Cross Reference:  F48L37A50166 10228S3 321P078 321P079 321P322A 321P445 323P424 323P851 323P919 323P963 324P141 324P187 324P236 324P256 F48C06A02 F48C41A02 F48F17B22 F48F74B22 F48G69A45 F48H02A01 F48H14A51 F48H43C04 F48J39A45 F48J99B22 F48N67A45 P257-3387 P257-8387 P257-8587 1865 3235 3844 807 D701 D902 3587 3987 5KCP39PG5076T 5KCP39PGN655 EM3-987 MTG-3991 X004 63987 512301231 512443587 531 024-31422-000 321P078 321P079 321P225 321P322 321P333 321P339 321P341 321P368 321P455 321P459 321P461 321P468 321P485 323P028 323P120 323P206 DL1056 F48SL6MA18 F48SP6L11 F48SQ6L4 F48SQ6L43 FS1037S HC43680001 HC43ME116 HC43SA120 HC43SX101 P257-3987 7660-3239 8880-3159 A3239 1224 1865 3235 807 8894 K1865 K3235 K55FYGDJ3826 K55FYJRT5389 K55HXCTW3340 K55HXDEN2169 K55HXDEW2169 K55HXEEH2715 K55HXFBK3236 K55HXFWR3683 K7374 K8894 K8903 RAK3235 VK4947 71057 S1940081001 S19600104002 S19600112001 S19900007001 80102 8746310190 8746410280 CY6733A CY68052A CY6818A CY6827A CY69104A CY69144 CY6928A CY6946A CY6957A CY6974A CY6979A CY6980A CY6983A F-098 F-698 3926 3934 3987 3991 5KCB39MG7840 5KCP39EG3229 5KCP39KG5901 5KCP39KG9078 5KCP39KG950 5KCP39KG9875 5KCP39KGA106 5KCP39LGD179 5KCP39MG3591 5KCP39MG3750 5KCP39MG3797 5KCP39MG5134 5KCP39MG5375 5KCP39MG9246 5KCP39MG9272 5KCP39MG9316 5KCP39MG9328 5KCP39MG9726 5KCP39MG9856 5KCP39MGA221 5KCP39MGA329 5KCP39MGA597 5KCP39MGB166 5KCP39MGB184 5KCP39MGB426 5KCP39MGD919 5KCP39MGD926 5KCP39MGD984 5KCP39MGE063 5KCP39MGE125 5KCP39MGE597 5KCP39MGE909 5KCP39MGF309 5KCP39MGF673 5KCP39NG9985 5KCP39NGB176 5KCP39NGB189 5KCP39NGD526 5KCP39NGE255 5KCP39PG1140 5KCP39PG1424 5KCP39PG1425 5KCP39PG1481 5KCP39PG3222 5KCP39PG3492 5KCP39PG3730 5KCP39PG3744 5KCP39PG5074 5KCP39PG5076 5KCP39PG5437 5KCP39PG5864 5KCP39PG5885 5KCP39PG629 5KCP39PG7259 5KCP39PG7260 5KCP39PG7277 5KCP39PG7290 5KCP39PG7775 5KCP39PG792 5KCP39PG9710 5KCP39PGA110 5KCP39PGA121 5KCP39PGA377 5KCP39PGA835 5KCP39PGB718 5KCP39PGD446 5KCP39PGE254 5KCP39PGE433 5KCP39PGF138 5KCP39PGG040 G422 G440 G558 G587 H0014726E RE109 48A110237B 48A110237F 48A110297ES 48A110512A 48A11D237 48A11D512A X004 316 338 511871401 511882801 511906901 511992301 512082501 51918690100 AP4997 RED224 RED250 C632CW14 C640CW11 C640CW13 C640CW53 R3987 531 HE3G119 HE3J158 HE3J159 HE3J283 HE3K011 HE3K028 HE3K038 HE3K039 HE3L025 HE3L041 HE3L054 166 F48L55A50 (connect for CCWLE rotation, cust shaft and studs as necessary) 4KA36

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ManufacturerRegal Beloit
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