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Taco Mixing Valve, Low Lead, 1", Series 5004

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Taco Mixing Valves 1" Sweat Union Connections

   Product Specifications

Taco 5004-C3 Mixing Valve, Low Lead, 1", Series 5004. This versatile NSF 61 ASSE 1017 mixing valve provides the ultimate performance for domestic hot water installations. The 5004 Series allows for domestic hot water storage at temperatures high enough to increase the effective storage capacity of a water heater, kill harmful bacteria and still be delivered at a safe 120˚F or less. 

Ideal for Domestic Water Distribution Points
Suitable for use in Potable Water
Delivers Stable Mixed Water Temperature
Extended Mix Temperature Range of 85-176°F
Tamper-Resistance Cap
Low Headloss
ASSE 1017 Listed

Maximum Flow Rate per connection:
20 gpm
76 gpm
1 gpm

Product Specifications

  Dimensions (in): 6.1 x 4.0 x 5.4
  Dimensions (mm): 154.9 x 101.6 x 137.2
  Maximum Flow (GPM): 20 / 76
  Minimum Flow (L): 3.8
  Hot Supply Temperature (C): 49-82˚C
  Hot Supply Temperature (F): 120-180˚F
  Cold Supply Temperature (C): 5-27°C
  Cold Supply Temperature (F): 39-80°F
  Maximum Inlet Pressure (psi): 230 psi
  Maximum Supply Pressure: 20%
  Minimum Temperature Differential (C): 15˚C
  Minimum Temperature Differential (F): 27°F
  Outlet Temperature Range (C): 29-80˚C
  Outlet Temperature Range (F): 85-175 F
  Factory Setpoint (C): 41-45˚C
  Factory Setpoint (F): 115-120˚F
  Accuracy: ± 3˚F
  Body: Forged Brass ≤ .25% lead Brass
  Internal Components: ≤ .25% lead Brass Noryl GFN2
  Seals: Viton
  Spring: Stainless Steel
  Piston: Polysulfone
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ManufacturerTaco Comfort Solutions
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