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Second Wind UVC Air Purifier Model SF-2018 HVAC Duct Furnace Photocatalytic Oxidation

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Second Wind`s 2000 series units are a mainstay of the indoor air quality industry. By combining the highest intensity germicidal ultraviolet light with photo-catalytic oxidation odor (PCO) control, these models provide the safest purified air. 

New Option: Second Wind is pleased to offer the 1076R-03, a lamp that introduces safe levels of singlet oxygen to indoor air. This option provides a characteristic smell when removing odors in unison with the PCO module. It can be ordered for existing installations or new puchases as an add on.

Second Wind Air Purifiers use ultraviolet germicidal light and a patented photo-catalytic process to disinfect mold, bacteria, infectious disease and decrease volatile organic compounds in you indoor environment. 

SF 2018                                                                          
Suitable for homes up to 1700 sq feet. Single Lamp Included in the box.                       
Plug in   120v                                                                   
Lamp Size   18"                                                               
Replacement Lamp     SF-1076R                                        
Replacement Ballast   SF-1060E-R                                      
Lamp replacement every 2 years 

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These units are very effective in helping to sterilize the air borne bioaerosols while also relieving the irritating V.O.C.'s in the dwelling without producing any ozone. The units are very simple to install and maintain, giving the home a much cleaner and safer environment. The UV germicidal Lamp employs energy to destroy the airborne populations of mold, bacteria and viruses. It’s like a “light-sabre for airborne villains!” Mold contamination can actually be found lining your heating and air condition system duct work. The Second Wind units can help remove both surface and airborne populations of mold, bacteria and viruses in your duct system at work or home. Filters remove particles in the air. Yet, microscopic living organisms such as bioaerosols float along. Chemicals? Same thing! Volatile Organic Chemicals waft through your home and HVAC system. Indoor pollution can impact your health, allergies, and quality of life. Second Wind offers air purification products that can address ALL your air quality problems!

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